Monday, March 2, 2009

Action Packed Days

What a couple of action packed days we had last week. The Family Night Out was a ton of fun for our family. Being a newer parent at Riverview, I was somewhat surprised at the good size of the turnout. Than again, it was that same the level of family involvement at the school that helped me realize that Riverview was the right choice for us.

Watching the kids on Grandparent's Day on Friday was a treat. I know that for my child, he really loved being able to introduce his Grandmothers to his friends. And if the grandparents hadn't been 100% on-board for the immersion program before, they would have been after one afternoon on campus.

Balancing all that "action" with family life, work and and now sports for us, can be a real challenge. Do you think the families out there that make it look easy have any tricks? Are you one of those families? Or do you think it just looks easy?

As you can see here, I am posting a photo I took on Thursday. I do not intend to post any photos of children's faces without parent's permission. School staff on the other hand... well you should know that you're fair game. If you have a photo that you would like posted of your own child, you can send it to and it will be posted for you.

Please share your stores as well. I know you have some. You can post them here in the comments, or email them for me to post for you.


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